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New Hampshire Automobile

Childhood Cancer Awareness License Plates




New Hampshire Childhood Cancer Awareness Decals are available through

"Sophia's Fund"

To purchase your New Hampshire Childhood Cancer Awareness Decals, click on the DONATE button and order your decals for $28. You will receive (2) Decals. One for the front plate and one for the back plate.


(To ensure we get your address to mail you your New Hampshire Childhood Cancer Awareness Decals, be sure to check the box that says (“Share your mailing address with Sophia's Fund Inc so they can acknowledge your donation” when purchasing.)

These are the ONLY Childhood Cancer Awareness Decals recognized by the state to be placed on NH Decal plates.

Decals are purchased through this web site or in person only.


The decal plate must be purchased through your local DMV.

Decals can ONLY be placed on a Decal Plate. To transfer your existing passenger plate to a Decal Plate, please visit any of the DMV locations. To obtain a new Decal Plate, please visit your town or city clerk office.


Decals are NOT available at DMV locations. Only through SOPHIA'S FUND or in person.


You may have to go to a NH DMV office for your Decal plate, not all town offices have Decal plates.


Childhood Cancer Awareness Decals (2) $28.00


One purchase includes 2 decals, one for the front plate one for the back plate.


Purchases of license plate decals are non-refundable.


All proceeds from the sale of the “Decals” will support New Hampshire children battling cancer and their families.


Sophia’s Fund


"Fighting Childhood Cancer On All Fronts"

Sophia's Fund is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization


Decal Plates are available for a $15 fee per year in addition to the town and state registration fees. Decal Vanity Plates are also available for an additional $40 vanity plate fee. An additional $8.00 plate manufacturing fee is only required in the first year of purchase. Maximum of 5 letters or numbers are allowable on a decal plate. For generic plates all will have a Letter D first unless a vanity plate is chosen.


For more information on the decal plates visit to purchase the plates.

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