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Raising Awareness 

Awareness is the first step toward reaching a cure. We never want another family to hear the words "your child has cancer" and first and foremost, we need to bring attention to the pervasiveness and devastation that a childhood cancer diagnosis can bring. Among the emotional, physical and financial hardships, Sophia's Fund exists to maximize the moments of joy, love, and triumphs that go hand in hand. 

By raising awareness and sharing the stories of angels, fighters, and survivors, we can help the world GO GOLD and ensure no child or family has to fight alone. Tony Stoddard, former Executive Director, current Member of the Board of Directors, and most importantly, Cole's Dad (forever 5), has played an instrumental role of turning famous Boston and New England landmarks gold. Sophia's Fund strives to continue this work.

Childhood Cancer Facts 

Courtesy of the American Childhood Cancer Organization
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