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How does Sophia's Fund fight childhood cancer on all fronts?

Click above to learn more about our programs and the specific ways we support families impacted by pediatric cancers.


Meeting the needs of a child with special health care needs can be very difficult especially when basic living needs are compromised. Unfortunately, 30% of pediatric cancer families across income levels report household material hardships during the first six months of chemotherapy.

While being a caregiver to a sick child is a full-time job, there are no benefits or pay for those who take on this role to help their child survive. Ninety-four percent of parents state they either cut hours or quit a job because of their child’s illness.

Thirty-six percent of families lost more than 40% of their annual income. Down the road, parents often face the implications they’re less employable because of gaps in employment and the necessary leaves of absence requested.   If you are interested in a caregiver or sibling support group, please contact us.

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